Fostering in Altrincham

Every year, thousands of new foster carers are needed to help look after children and young people while they are unable to stay with their own families. Foster caring is a challenging yet very rewarding occupation, and makes great differences to young lives when they’re needed the most.

The need for foster carers in the Greater Manchester area is just as great as it is across other parts of the UK, and as a small, local Altrincham foster care agency, we offer practical and personal support to our carers. Finding local carers for fostering in Altrincham means those children have a greater chance of staying in their local area, which gives them much needed continuity.

No two child situations are the same, and there are many different types of fostering that are needed. For example, emergency fostering care includes taking in a child at any time of the day or night. Short term care helps children over a period of days to months until they are able to go back to their families or while adoption arrangements are in progress. Long term fostering involves the child or children staying in a family environment where they feel secure, while still keeping in contact with their natural family. Foster carers are also needed to help with respite care, either to support the child or children’s own family or to give full time foster carers a break.

If you’re considering fostering in Altrincham, then do contact us for more information. As an Altrincham fostering agency, we’re able to offer a service on a local level, and we’re there to support you on your first steps to becoming a foster carer.

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