Welcome to our Fostering Team

Amazing things happen throughout our fostering family every day. As a founder led agency, we put children at the heart of everything we do.
We take pride in ensuring a team approach, where our foster carers are supported to become part of our family. We are constantly striving to create a caring fostering community where our foster carers and staff work together to ensure children’s needs are met.
At Care 4 Children Fostering, we work relentlessly to recruit, train and support our foster carers and are committed to providing stable, caring, family environments in which children will thrive. Our foster carers have access to an excellent training programme of ongoing support which ensures we can place children with a variety of needs.
We employ experienced and highly skilled social workers to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the children in our care, and that every placement receives the dedicated support in whatever way is needed.

Fostering in Bury

Fostering is a hugely rewarding career option for those with the passion, strength and enthusiasm to help children and young people succeed. We are a leading Bury fostering agency with various opportunities available for the right people.

About Us

As we are a small Bury foster care agency, we offer a very personal service to support our carers through every step. Rest assured that you will never be left alone – whether you are completely new to fostering or very experienced, our team will always be on hand to help and guide you through every aspect of the process and the ongoing experiences that you have with your foster placements.

About Fostering

Fostering is a professional career choice, and carers will look after children who are unable to live at home for different reasons.

There are plenty of opportunities for fostering in the Bury area, and it is a hugely rewarding role which offers a great deal to carers and an excellent career. There are various different types of fostering available, and we welcome applications from a wide range of candidates.

The Different Types of Fostering in the Bury Area

Our Bury fostering agency provides everything from temporary and short-break care for children to long-term fostering placements, depending on individual circumstances.

The Benefits of Fostering

Our foster carers are passionate about offering children a home – whether that’s for a short respite stay or as a long-term placement. As it’s a professional career, there is an attractive remuneration package involved and professional development options, and we offer a comprehensive package of support to our carers to ensure they are really supported and helped by our team and by other carers working in the same roles.

Our services to carers include comprehensive training, a buddying service to match up newer carers with more experienced foster carers, birth children’s groups, twice-yearly parties, community events, support groups and more. You will never be alone.

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