Care 4 Children, a north west-based provider of specialist children’s services, joined up with several other locally based businesses, charitable organisations and places of worship in their latest charitable venture.  The target was to raise £1million for the global effort to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Pakistan.  The Dam Appeal aims to raise £15billion over the next 10 years to fund sustainable solutions to combat the imminent and long term water scarcity crisis in the country.

Care 4 Children Chairman, Riz Khan, led the Manchester campaign alongside a community-based committee who all had one thing in common – to help those in need.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Riz Khan and he stated that “My personal and corporate philosophy has always been to give back and help those less well off than ourselves, whether that is within our local community, nationally or internationally.  On this occasion it was to support an international cause and we did it with the generous support of our local community and our original target of £1million was easily surpassed with a final total of £2.3 million being raised. I would like to personally thank everyone involved especially my team in C4C who worked extremely long days in the run-up to the televised fundraiser”.

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