Upon attending the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility workshop at Head Office, Vivian Hamilton, the Lead Teacher at Rosa House was inspired and excited to act on behalf of Rosa House. While Rosa House and other homes are already taking incredible steps to protect the environment by using eco friendly products, Rosa House have taken it upon themselves to register for ‘The Eco School Award’ and ‘The Green Tree Award’. Both run and governed by the Woodland Trust. From which they’ve been extremely successful having been awarded the Bronze Award after just one term. A huge congratulations to the girls and staff at Rosa House, a real inspiration as the whole company strides for a greener outlook. 

As part of the process Vivian applied to the Woodland Trust Free Trees for Schools Scheme, championing the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Workshop by taking it upon herself to prepare an Eco Proposal, which of course was successful and was selected to receive several trees to be planted around Rosa House. Including Rowan trees, Saplings and Hedging Trees. They will all provide a biodiverse ecosystem, ensuring natural sustainability for all sorts of life and a legacy for the girls

The ongoing work at Rosa House is a constant source of inspirations as they stride to achieve their Silver Award.