We have developed a therapeutic approach that we have called ‘Well Being for Life’© Care 4 Children 2015.

This is a three phase recovery programme that incorporates building a secure base, undertaking life story work and therapy and supporting children to develop self-soothing techniques. Each placement has on-going psychological monitoring and monthly evidence based reporting is provided to Local Authorities highlighting where the child is within their recovery programme.

Our approach is simple – we consider children as individuals and as a product of their experiences. We believe most looked after children have been primed to anxious responding due to the significant harm that has resulted in their care experience. The accumulated risk factors for looked after children can only be mitigated, not eliminated.

We believe in life long healing and learning and that a care experience should equip children with an understanding of their lived experiences; a clear idea of how they learn best and skills to self soothe and manage the stresses of life. We refer to these as the three jewels and we work towards equipping children and young people with skills which allow them to live to their full potential and feed their dreams.

Read more below on each phase of our model:

Phase 1

Safety & Containment

We admit to our homes with a transition plan in mind so that children and young people’s recovery programme is bespoke. Most of our children are with us because they are at significant risk.

Through the provision of resilient therapeutic care practitioners and a multi disciplinary team approach we provide a secure base for our children and young people.

We offer high levels of supervision and assessment, along with robust risk management to keep the child safe.

Phase 2

Resilience & Relationship Building

Once children build a secure base, we then support them to self soothe & build their self esteem. We also complete family mediation, life story work, direct and indirect therapy.

Relationship building is the primary therapeutic intervention we use to help children gain trust in others, in themselves and the capacity to develop meaningful sustaining relationships over the life course.

Ultimately this leads to a reduction of the intergenerational burden of risk factors.

Phase 3

Restoration & Lifelong Learning

We see care as an episode in a child’s life and recognise that a significant proportion of looked after children return to their family and community. We aim to prepare them for that.

This phase focuses on supporting children and young people on their road to social inclusion whether that is to return home, move into independence or fostering.

Using restorative justice techniques we help children and young people understand their time in care and experience reparation.

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