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Complex Needs Homes

Medium to Long Term
1 year planned placements

Age range

11-18 years




1 to 3 beds

Our complex needs homes provide placements for young people who have suffered trauma and abuse which has led to them becoming involved in the criminal justice system. They are likely to have experienced a series of placement breakdowns and have a variety of complex needs.

Our complex needs homes offer children an alternative solution to custody providing a wrap around service which consists of clinical, educational and care practitioners all working together to focus on the needs of the child. All our placements offer high levels of supervision with intensive and flexible placement planning along with continuously reviewed risk assessments which are shared with all the appropriate stakeholders including the young person.

We offer one, two and three bed homes that are geared to look after high acuity complex young people with a variety of needs. We offer short, medium and long term placements with a goal of transitioning the young person into a step down provision.

Our Complex Needs Service Homes

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