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Crisis Services

Short Term/Emergency
28 days to 56 day placements

Age range

11-18 years




1 bed

Our crisis intervention service provides a solution for the most complex and at risk young people in the country, who may be involved in gangs, criminality, be at risk of exploitation and or be a risk to both themselves and others. Young people admitted to the service are likely to have experienced multiple placement breakdowns in both fostering and residential settings, and the only viable alternative options for the Local Authority would either be solo placements or a secure setting.

Our crisis service offers a short term/emergency placements which helps to break the cycle of behaviour whilst undertaking base line assessments to support the placing authorities in making an informed decision regarding the step-down future placement for the young person.

We take young people on a bespoke outward bound experiential learning programme, allowing us to assess, stabilise and seek to plan their next placement move. This service offers same day emergency placements, which allow a team of staff to take 1 young person out on an experiential outward bound learning programme. We provide accommodation for males aged between 11-18 years and offer short-term placements with a length of stay of 28 days whilst a longer term placement is sourced. In exceptions circumstances we can extend placements for another 28 days totalling 56 days.

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