Welcome to our Fostering Team

Amazing things happen throughout our fostering family every day. As a founder led agency, we put children at the heart of everything we do.
We take pride in ensuring a team approach, where our foster carers are supported to become part of our family. We are constantly striving to create a caring fostering community where our foster carers and staff work together to ensure children’s needs are met.
At Care 4 Children Fostering, we work relentlessly to recruit, train and support our foster carers and are committed to providing stable, caring, family environments in which children will thrive. Our foster carers have access to an excellent training programme of ongoing support which ensures we can place children with a variety of needs.
We employ experienced and highly skilled social workers to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the children in our care, and that every placement receives the dedicated support in whatever way is needed.

Fostering in Ellesmere Port

At Care 4 Children we specialise in offering the best possible support and service, whether you are thinking about fostering in Ellesmere Port or want to travel further along an existing pathway in foster care.

We specialise in offering the sort of personal approach that both new and existing foster carers need and deserve. As the premier Ellesmere Port foster care agency, we can help to guide our carers through every step of the fostering process. We may not be the largest agency in the country, but the personalised, tailor-made service we offer is always second to none.

This supportive and nurturing approach ensures that our Ellesmere Port fostering agency always delivers on the promise fostering has to offer. We know that fostering in Cheshire can be a hugely rewarding experience, whether a carer decides to provide a long-term home for a child, an emergency placement, or a safe haven for a young person in need of additional support. We are committed to ensuring that these benefits can be achieved.

Fosterers in Ellesmere Port can have their lives enhanced just as much as the young people who benefit from their care, whether through having fun at the Blue Planet Aquarium or simply sharing the history of their great industrial location. To help ensure this is the case, we are on hand to assist foster carers from all walks of life to embark on or continue their caring journey.

Foster carers are needed to look after many different kinds of young people. All that is required is a spare room and a commitment to changing young lives for the better. In turn, our Ellesmere Port fostering agency can help all sorts of people to start gathering the many rewards that fostering can offer.

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