Welcome to our Fostering Team

Amazing things happen throughout our fostering family every day. As a founder led agency, we put children at the heart of everything we do.
We take pride in ensuring a team approach, where our foster carers are supported to become part of our family. We are constantly striving to create a caring fostering community where our foster carers and staff work together to ensure children’s needs are met.
At Care 4 Children Fostering, we work relentlessly to recruit, train and support our foster carers and are committed to providing stable, caring, family environments in which children will thrive. Our foster carers have access to an excellent training programme of ongoing support which ensures we can place children with a variety of needs.
We employ experienced and highly skilled social workers to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the children in our care, and that every placement receives the dedicated support in whatever way is needed.

Fostering Information

Want to foster?

Fostering is a rewarding career and here with Care 4 Children’s fostering team we support a range of fostering families. Some of our foster carers work outside of fostering in addition to their fostering role; others foster full time. As a team we have a passion for wanting the best for the children in our care. If you also are passionate about wanting children to succeed, you are the type of person we want to join us.

Fostering families come from all walks of life and offer a variety of experiences, knowledge and skills to this rewarding role. From our understanding we know that foster carers provide resilience, patience, tolerance, are consistent and reliable and offer a listening ear. If you have heard others describe you like this or feel this describes you, we would like to hear from you.

What do we offer?

At the fostering team we provide a range of services to make sure that foster carers are supported and trained to be able to get the most out of fostering. We find fostering solutions to fostering issues and offer 24/7 guidance and advice from our local team. We believe it is crucial for you as foster carers to know the people you work with, and for us to know you and our children. This team approach is how we work at Care 4 Children fostering.


We are made up of front line professionals who understand children and young people’s services and fostering. All of us have experience of local authority work, as well as voluntary agency, children’s residential services and other child care services. We are part of a multi-disciplinary team and have access to our fellow team colleagues’ knowledge, skills and experience. We all work with a focus and passion to offer children and young people the opportunity to turn their lives around.

Our service is geared to provide support in particular to carers of children and adolescents with complex trauma. Children placed in our service know all our staff and have staff contact details to stay in touch.

We are a small and family friendly team, where we all know each other, staff, children and foster carers. We see ourselves all as part of a team and work together proactively. We all are part of helping children on their journey of recovery.

We are one of the few agencies that does go out whenever we are needed, to support children and foster carers in all types of situations and crisis.

We have listened to what foster carers have said, and are aware that people need to feel that they are valued; and part of something they want and are proud to belong to. Fostering families should have a say in decision making and issues that affect them. We actively involve foster carers and children in developing our services.

Children and young people know we care, even at times when they are not coping well.

Can I become a foster carer with Care 4 Children fostering team?

You probably can! If you feel you have the skills and passion to make a difference to children’s lives then this is what Care 4 Children’s fostering team ask of our fostering families:

  • You are aged over 21-there is no upper age limit

  • You are passionate about children achieving their potential

  • Each foster child over 3 years of age has their own bedroom

  • Children under five years are placed in non-smoking fostering families

  • Pets are non-aggressive or dangerous

  • Homes may be rented with landlord permission, or owner occupied

  • You are in good health

  • You are willing to learn and develop

  • You are able to work as part of our team approach

  • Care 4 Children welcome and value applications from individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds

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