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Throughout the United Kingdom there are many thousands of children that need to be fostered. Our commitment to them is that we will find the best people around to look after them and keep them safe. That could be somebody just like you.

Based in the North West, we constantly strive to create a fostering community where the children themselves form the central part of the service we provide.

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FROM THE BLOG: Values Based Recruitment

Early on in my HR career, I learnt the importance of recruiting the right people for the company in which I worked. Not only did I look out for people with the right values, skills, know ledge and experience to work in the company, but also had an eye for how they...

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Being you, being me, being us….

Following the official launch of the Care 4 Children Social Responsibility project (https://bit.ly/2Rxw3WJIt) we are delighted to announce our latest charitable efforts. Care 4 Children Chairman, Riz Khan, led the Manchester campaign alongside a community-based...

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