Part of the Human Resources role is to uphold the core values and behavioural competencies of Care 4 Children, with this in mind I intend to focus more on leadership and management behaviours across the organisation over the forthcoming months.

Positive behaviours which underpin Care 4 Children’s core values need to be embraced and displayed by those leaders responsible for developing, training, motivating, setting standards and structuring the work of the workforce. The behaviours of our trusted leaders are of crucial importance to ensure the smooth running of the service they provide but also in building and retaining a highly engaged staff team.

From my experience, leaders who truly identify with their employees as people, communicate effectively and pay them the attention they need to feel appreciated often have a big hand in empowering and engaging them. Similarly, good people leaders understand how important it is to acknowledge individual work and effort, address their staff team by their names and that a sincere ‘thank you’ can go a long way into making an employee feel appreciated.

Care 4 Children’s culture is shaped by the day-to-day behaviours of our leaders. Employees value leaders that consistently practice what they preach but often the values which are advocated by leaders and managers are not the ones which people see around them. It is those values which actually create the culture. By our leaders and managers not ‘walking the talk’ they can unintentionally create a culture the organisation would actually want to avoid. Therefore, it is important for our leaders at Board level and within the homes to embrace the values and behavioural competencies designed for Care 4 Children so that our workforce can enjoy working in a better working environment.

By our leaders living and breathing Care 4 Children’s core values we will continue to be a successful business and employer of choice in the communities we serve.

By Virginia Perkins, C4C HR Director.