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Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) Services

Medium to Long Term
1 year planned placements

Age range

11-18 years




5 beds

Our HSB homes include a separate on-site DfE registered school and clinical suites that provide a multi-disciplinary team approach to meeting the holistic needs of up to 5 young people.

The primary focus of the service is to provide an immediate physical place of safety with high levels of supervision and risk management, to enable children to start on the journey of working through their three phase recovery programme.

We offer a full range of psychological assessments along with an AIM2 assessment. An initial report will be made available to the Local Authority after three months and after the first Phase of the clinical programme. A further AIM2 assessment report will also be completed after the first three months. Updated Care Outcomes Reports are shared at regular intervals, in line with statutory reviews, detailing progress in the placement and evidencing outcomes for the child. The AIM2 intervention also covers a variety of modules from Phase 2 and 3 of our ‘Well Being for Life’ programme.

Our HSB Homes

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