Assistant Psychologist


North West

Employment Type:

Full Time


Up to £20,000


Preston / Blackpool

Application End Date:

20 Dec 2018

Application Link:

To facilitate clinical psychology and therapy input by way of assisting qualified staff (i.e. clinical psychologists/clinical team) with the Wellbeing for Life programme and specific assessments as deemed appropriate by the clinical psychologist/clinical team.

To undertake any tasks, duties and projects that are deemed necessary to support the smooth-running of young peoples’ therapeutic care programmes, baseline assessments and specific therapies with supervision from the clinical psychologist/clinical team.

To undertake any duties related to quality assurance (e.g. audit), small-scale research or administrative duties in line with young peoples’ therapeutic care programme as agreed and delegated by the clinical psychologist/clinical team.

To act as a liaison point between the clinical psychology/clinical team, residential care staff and local CAMHS in relation to young people in our care.

To ensure that young peoples’ appointments with CAMHS are attended where possible and that recommendations are acted upon by communicating with the clinical psychology/clinical team.







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