Fostering in Lancashire

Fostering can be hugely rewarding, and Care 4 Children are specialists in offering the all-encompassing support that carers want and need to ensure that both they and the young people involved get all of the possible benefits.

We are a small Lancashire fostering agency which specialises in offering a uniquely personal service to support carers on every step of their fostering journey. That is why we are the perfect first port of call for you, whether you want to foster for the first time or have extensive experience in the area.

Lancashire has a population of around 1.5 million and covers an area of over 1,000 square miles, meaning that there will always be many young people in need of foster care. Can you help?

In return, you can enjoy a huge range of benefits from fostering in Lancashire, ranging from the financial to the emotional. Fostering is far more than a job: it is a vocation that can change your life – as well as the lives of the young people in your care.

Forget old-fashioned ideas of what makes a good foster parent. Our Lancashire foster care agency works with a vast array of carers, including those in full-time employment and single parents. We work with children and teenagers from all walks of life, so why wouldn’t our carers be the same?

At Care 4 Children, we specialise in supporting a variety of different fostering placements, including short-term and respite stays, long-term, emergency, parent and child and enhanced placements. We also particularly focus on supporting carers of children with complex needs and those in their teenage years.

Whatever your hopes, we can help facilitate your fostering endeavours, offering the support and training you need to reap the rewards. Let us share with you some of our vast bank of knowledge and experience in this field.

For more information regarding becoming a foster carer in the Lancashire area, call our friendly team today and we will be happy to help.

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