Fostering in Redditch

Becoming a foster carer can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make. At Care4Children, we believe that children should be at the heart of the services we provide and we provide a very personal service to support our carers through the fostering process.

As a Redditch foster care agency, we’re looking for people who understand the particular challenges of fostering in this semi-rural area.

Who can foster?

Anyone can be a foster parent. We’re not interested in your age, race, sexuality, or religion. We’re looking for people with the time and commitment to give children the warmth, empathy, and understanding often missing from their lives, in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

What types of foster care are there?

Short term carers look after children from just a few weeks to several months, whilst long term care arrangements are made. Long term carers will take on the full time care of children until they reach adulthood. Short break, or respite, carers look after children whilst their long term carers take a break. The children involved typically have disabilities, special needs or behavioural problems. You may also be asked to take an emergency placement, which can happen within 24 hours.

If you are happy to foster a child with significant health needs or challenging behaviours who needs a higher level of care, you may be interested in enhanced care. You may also be interested in a parent and child placement where the parents need additional support and supervision. We can provide extra support for you if you choose one of these types of placements.

How do I start fostering?

If you’re interested in fostering in Redditch, we can help. As a Redditch fostering agency, we can support you through every stage of the application process from an initial chat to your first placement.

After you’ve filled out your application form, the fostering assessment process begins. The process is very detailed and lasts a number of months, during which you’ll be allocated a social worker. The journey to fostering is an intense but rewarding one and Care4Children will be with you every step of the way.

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