Welcome to our Fostering Team

Amazing things happen throughout our fostering family every day. As a founder led agency, we put children at the heart of everything we do.
We take pride in ensuring a team approach, where our foster carers are supported to become part of our family. We are constantly striving to create a caring fostering community where our foster carers and staff work together to ensure children’s needs are met.
At Care 4 Children Fostering, we work relentlessly to recruit, train and support our foster carers and are committed to providing stable, caring, family environments in which children will thrive. Our foster carers have access to an excellent training programme of ongoing support which ensures we can place children with a variety of needs.
We employ experienced and highly skilled social workers to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the children in our care, and that every placement receives the dedicated support in whatever way is needed.

Fostering in Runcorn

Being part of a family is the norm, and being able to help a young person who is in desperate need of a family and a home is a surprising privilege, honour and necessity.

Runcorn is an area of natural beauty with plenty of rivers, parks and historical destinations. There is a strong community within the surrounding areas, and fostering in Runcorn ensures a significant position in that community not only for the present but hopefully for the future.

We are a small, family-run Runcorn fostering agency. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to foster carers and the children who are in placement. Because of our attention to detail, we are a leading agency for matching children with the most appropriate foster family.

You may be more interested in short-stay placements or older children, for example. Conversely, you may wish to offer your services as a long-term foster carer for a very young infant. Our job is to ensure the best match. To that end, we have very few examples of children or families awaiting placement for a long time.

It may be that you have ruled yourself out as a foster carer. Perhaps you think that you are not qualified or are too old, young, or do not possess the finances to care for a child in need. You might think that an ancient criminal conviction will bear weight on your application. However, our thorough assessment process should reassure you that in most cases, interested applicants are successful.

As a small, personalised business offering fostering in Runcorn, it is our commitment to you to offer appropriate training and financial support. We will never place a child with a family if the placement is not in the best interest of the child and the family alike.

Finally, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your generosity in offering a home to a child in trouble can result in a positive future for that child.

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