Sexual Trauma Services

Our specialist therapeutic homes offer children who have experienced sexual trauma a protected environment and community of adults dedicated to their safety and recovery. The primary focus of the services are to provide an immediate physical place of safety with high levels of supervision and risk management allowing young people to commence working through our three phase recovery programme.

We offer a wraparound service with clinical, educational and therapeutic care practitioners all working together to meet the holistic needs of individual children. Each home has an on-site DfE registered school and a dedicated clinical suite. There are weekly MDT meetings where individual placement reviews are undertaken to measure children’s progress against their recovery programme.

A range of psychometric measures are undertaken along with repeat measures to support the most appropriate interventions for children and to further evidence their progress.

We offer two distinct service areas within our sexual trauma hub all of which offer up to 1 year planned placement programmes. These are:


  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Services – Our CSE homes offer single gender placements for girls aged between 11 to 18.
  • Complex Trauma Services – Our Complex Trauma homes offer mixed gender placements for children aged between 8-12 on admission.

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