Social Responsibility Charter

Care 4 Children seeks to contribute to human betterment through its social responsibility strategy. This approach grounds the company in understanding the lived experience of the recipients of health and social care services and the wider needs of our partners. It shapes and informs the manner in which our specialist services are provided making our work purposeful and meaningful to both our clients and stakeholders

We have a history of supporting charitable causes including local, national and international charities. Our approach to social responsibility is not new but characteristic of the company’s persona and an existing feature of our social purpose mandate to be caring, empathic and reciprocal agents of social change.

Social Responsibility Mandate

Our social responsibility mandate is underpinned by three core principles – honesty, transparency and empathy ensuring our commitment to social responsibility is clear, evident and integral to our business practice.

These principles drive our purpose as a health and social care specialist service.  Our model enables us to contribute beyond the business transaction to create long term value towards our population’s health, well-being and the environment in which we live, work and breathe.

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