Fostering in St Helens

Deciding to become a foster parent is a huge undertaking, and choosing an agency through which to foster is equally important. We are a small, family-owned St Helens fostering agency and our size means that we offer a personal service for our foster carers and potential carers. Advice has been designed with them in mind and they will be supported along every step of their fostering journey.

Our St Helens foster care agency provides services for foster carers and potential carers across the North West and the Midlands area. Foster caring requires the same commitment as any new career, as well as empathy and understanding. As many children who are fostered have suffered difficult and traumatic experiences, your ability to support them through a period of readjustment will be key. At our St Helens fostering agency, we can offer you the practical support and advice you will need to help fostered children to settle into a new stage in their lives, as well as financial support to cover the child’s expenses.

Some foster carer requirements are of a practical nature, while others are down to your own personality. On a practical level, foster caring requires that you have a spare bedroom, are over 25 and have completed a full DBS and health check. It is also useful if you have a car or good public transport nearby. If you are a smoker you will have to smoke outside and away from any children, or not at all if you want to foster children under the age of 5.

From an emotional point of view, fostering requires 100% dedication and while it is very rewarding, it can also involve dealing with challenging behaviour which requires an understanding attitude. It is also important to appreciate the impact that fostering can have on your own family as this could affect your decision.

For more information regarding becoming a foster carer in the St Helens area, call our friendly team today and we will be happy to help.

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