Fostering in Tameside

Working as a foster carer is life-changing. Vulnerable children and young people are always in need of a safe and stable environment in which they can receive the support their birth families sometimes cannot provide; in turn, Care 4 Children can support you with access to mentoring and ongoing training to an impressive standard. We are a unique and nurturing Tameside fostering agency that aims to help young people who have experienced trauma and loss to make sense of their life experiences and build a secure and bright future.

You may already be fostering in Tameside, or this could be a new beginning. Our agency has a family-like environment, but one that is financially and emotionally rewarding. We value our people as our most cherished asset and we will invest heavily in your future, supporting you to progress to diploma level five in health and social care. You will be fully supported and educated to deal with any issues children in your care may be facing.

Career progression within our organisation is a given, with every foster carer on our books provided with opportunities to work towards a senior management position if so desired. We operate a scheme whereby staff are rewarded for their commitment to the children in their care, not only through their wage but also through becoming a shareholder in the company. This ensures that staff are integrated in the running of the organisation and directorial decision making.

We have a range of different employment opportunities within our Tameside foster care agency that cover all aspects of foster care, from full-time or temporary home placements to registered children’s home managerial and support work roles. We are also always looking for committed, inspiring teachers and clinical psychologists.

You do not need any special qualifications to start out in fostering. If you care deeply about young people and their future, a career in care could be your calling. The process of selection and vetting is, of course, incredibly rigorous, but don’t let this put you off – we are here to support and encourage you every step of the way. If fostering is your future, contact us today.

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